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Big Belz project on agenda


Lakeland will be asked tonight to issue a special permit for a development at Canada Road and Interstate 40.

The Belz Enterprises project would be a village of office, retail, residential and recreational spaces. Almost two acres would be set aside for a possible Lakeland civic center. Other areas could include a hotel and senior housing.

The project would be one of Lakeland's largest, and in one of the cities prime spots just south of Interstate 40 next to Lakeland Factory Outlet Mall.

Introduced as Lakeland Village, the project has been renamed Lake Forrest, said J. Higbee, the city's growth management director.

The Lakeland staff report describes the project as innovative and well designed, but said there is some concern about whether there is enough retail space. With no property tax, the city depends on the local option sales tax revenue.

The request will be made to the Lakeland Board of Commissioners at its 6:30 meeting.



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