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Jungle Jim


MONDAY, MARCH 18, 1968

Jungle Jim Liberman spreads the resin powder on the Lakeland startline.   Jungle Jim vs. Stone, Woods and Cook
Jim Liberman Dusted The Track With Resin For Better Traction And Then Roared To Victory

Staff Photo by James Shearin

Liberman Roars After Bad Start To Upset Victory

Jim Liberman of San Jose, Calif. upset the team of Stone, Woods and Cook in yesterday's feature run before 5,1116 fans at the Lakeland Drag Strip.  More than 300 cars competed.

Liberman, 27, drove his 1967 supercharged Chevy II to a two-straight victory with near record times.  After a bad start, Liberman timed an 8.70 in the first race at 166.4 miles per hour to beat the favored Mustang.  The Stone-Woods-Cook entry was timed at 9.20 and 155.38 miles per hour.

In the second round, Liberman recorded a time of 8.28 at 180.44 miles per hour.  The Lakeland record is 8.26.

The only win for the Mustang came in the third round as Liberman blew his engine as he crossed the finish line in the second round.

The Stone, Woods and Cook entry made a single run for the third round.  Chevrolets captured four of the five eliminator brackets.

Larry Stewart of Nashville drove his Chevrolet-powered Devin sports car (155 miles per hour) to win competition eliminator.

Street eliminator honor went to Charley Poindexter of Millington in a 427 Camaro.  Jimmy Turner drove his 396 Chevelle past a field of 13 others to win super stock eliminator at 118 miles per hour.

Top stock eliminator was Ivars Smeltnicks driving a 1950 Oldsmobile.  Smeltnicks waded through 33 other cars to claim the cash and trophy.

The special powder puff event for women went to Sherill Knight.  Miss Knight beat 13 other entries to win the trophy.


The preceding article is Copyright The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN.  
Thanks to David Rubenstein for supplying this article.

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