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Friday, March 17 1967

Eddie Schartman

Lakeland Opens On Wild Platt-Schartman Match


 LAKELAND DRAGWAY, MEMPHIS, Tenn., March 5 - Lakeland began the 1967 season of drag racing with a wild dual between "Cleveland Eddie" Schartman and "Hue Baby" Platt.

   It looked as if there would be no racing due to rain, but the strip was soon dry and everything was going smoothly until one half hour before race time there came another short rain. It was back to drying out the strip. The races started fifteen minutes later.

   Then came the first round of the match race. In lane one it was "Cleveland Eddie" in his yellow Comet and "Hue Baby" in his gold Mustang in lane two. The strip still had wet spots on it and around the starting line was still damp. Both cars burned through the rosin several times trying to dry out a place to start from. When the green flashed on both cars were gone. Platt moved out in front by a- car or so and turned a winning 9.59 e.t.V at 159.01 mph, with Schartman hot on his tail at 9.72 and 151.77 mph.

   As soon as both cars were cooled, they were back for round two. "Cleveland Eddie" was one down and he had to have this one. He put down a lot of rosin and burned it in real good. Both cars staged, then Platt cut it too close and turned on the red light. Schartman got great traction and put his front wheels in the air and jumped out in front. He held his lead all the way and turned a winning 8.61 e.t. at 168.85 mph.

   After both cars were refuled and the chutes were packed, they showed up in the staging area for the third and final round of the match.

    "Hue Baby" Platt out of the hole first, with Schartman right behind him with his wheels in the air. "Cleveland Eddie" crossed up slightly when his front end hit the ground, but he drove out of it without backing out. The Platt and Coleman Mustang was first through the traps at 8.82 and 162.74 mph. But Schartman was the winner because Platt turned on the red light.

    In other action Raymond Godman was out with his new AA/ FD, the "Tennessee Bo-Weevil," with Sonny Adkinson at the controls. He made two runs, his best being a 7.92 e.t. at 193.54 mph.

   Competition Eliminator money went to Preston Davis in his strong running BID. He turned a 9.72 e.t. at 148.21 mph on the money run against David Maynard's A/FD.

   Street Eliminator honors went to M. C. McDole in his '57 Chevy D/MP machine. Super Stock fell to Bobby Davis with his 427-powered '65 Ford. He went through a strong running field of Chevys and Dodges and had a best time of 12.98.

   Little Stock went to Ivars O/S '51 Oldsmobile. Pure Stock money went to Bobby Trotter's D/PSA Dodge.



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