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Southeast News by Buster CouchMarch 8, 1974

   A national Open event which is annually held in the Southeast in May, will be held at Lakeland International Raceway at Memphis, Tenn. Bill Taylor of the Lakeland Intl. facility is preparing a breakdown of his purse, which he advises will run between $16,000 to $17,000 cash, plus contingencies, which will be announced as soon as they are finalized. Plans are for E.T. Bracket racing and time trials on Friday night May 17th, then on Saturday, May 18th the track will be opening in the afternoon for time trials, National Record runs, and side-by-side qualifying of the Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock, Pro Comp, and Competition Eliminators. Plans call for an 8 car qualified field in each of these eliminators. The procedure, which will be used for qualifying, is that the four low e.t. qualifiers on Saturday in each of these eliminators will be guaranteed a spot, thus leaving four spots open for Sunday morning qualifying, with eliminations Sunday afternoon. Positions can change by  the Sunday qualifying times, but those four guaranteed a spot on Saturday can not be bumped from the program.

   The Lakeland Motel, adjacent to the track across Interstate 40, will be race headquarters and when it is filled there are a number of very good motels on  the Interstate a few miles further in toward Memphis. The Lakeland Motel has a 24 hour cafe with fine food, which will be good for the racers after the night portions of the event. Gas is also available for the racer and spectator needs in the area adjacent to the track.

* * *

   Lakeland has a big one on the race calendar for April 20th and 21st...a booked show of Top Fuel (Garlits and Ivo) an 8 car Funny Car show with Mickey Thompson's car, Gene Snow and Don Schumacher to name a few of those competing - and a 12 car booked Pro Stock field. Lakeland also has up a total of $1000 for Super Stock and $1000 for Modified. Bill Taylor will give a breakdown of this Super Stock and Modified money in his ads here in National Dragster, as well as the Division Bulletin, but just get these April 20-21st and May 17-19 dates on your race calendar for Lakeland Intl., at Memphis.



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