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March 8, 1974

Lakeland S/S Bash To Bridges & Turnage

By Gary Alan Strain

   Jimmy Bridges vs. Gene Turnage - Round One

LAKELAND INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY, Memphis, Tennessee - Super Stock action and sunshine were the order of the day for Lakeland International fans. "Lady Luck" again strayed away from Winternationals class winner Gene Turnage, as Jimmy Bridges took the win via the red-light method.

   In round one, the potent "Nitro 9" SS/F Mustang of Winternationals class winner and National Record Holder Turnage met SS/MA National Record Holder Fred Neal. Turnage turned in a perfect 10.83 as Neal's Chevy II wagon went too fast at 11.72, .29 under his own National Record.

 Fred Neal vs. Gene Turnage

   In round two, Turnage downed the SS/N Chevelle of Paul Brothers, 11.13 to 12.33, while Jimmy Bridges' SS/Q Chevy wagon handled Don Arant's SS/U Fairlane, 13.20 to 13.87.

   In the final for round one, the over anxious Turnage red-lighted to his Nashville foe, Bridges, as Bridges took the easy $500 ride to the big end. Turnage picked up $100 first round money.

   Turnage returned to the pack for second round money, where Neal red-lighted and Turnage met Rodney Martin's SS/O Chevy. Martin's 12.00 was not good enough to hold off the fast closing 10.97 of "Nitro 9". Turnage picked up an additional $300 for this round.

   In Modified action, Billy Mansell had little trouble as he met E.V. Hillard in the final. The Minga and Mansell G/Gas Camaro ran an 11.31 to defeat the F/Gas 'Vette of Hillard. One thousand dollars has been posted in Modified for next week.

   J.C. Penney's awarded Hillard's Corvette the "Wheelstand" trophy for its wheelstands all the way through the lights. Paul Brothers' Racing Head Service Super Stocker recieved the "Smokey Burn Out award".

Billy Mansell vs. E.V. Hillard

   Bracket racing continued to prosper, as Steve Pickens' '56 Chevy defeated Bill Young's Camaro, 12.97 to 13.15. In Bracket II, John Bishop's GTX lost to Sherman White's Camaro, 13.38 to 14.55. In Bracket III, Don Cossey's '74 Plymouth defeated Ron Minton's LTD, 15.80 to 16.10.



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