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Friday, June 14, 1963

Eight Records Set at Lakeland Divisional

By Jim New

   MEMPHIS, TENN., June 2 -- Eight new National Records were set this weekend at the wildest drag show ever seen in the Mid-south. The first record to fall was AA/C with the "Tennessee Bo-weevil" driven by Harrison Jacobs going through the traps at 9.39 seconds and 167.91 miles per hour. This gave owner Raymond Godman ten extra points toward winning the world points contest. Could be Raymond will make the Top Ten club for the third year.

   Super Stock Automatic fell to the big '63 Plymouth of Memphis' own Ed Davis and Bill Taylor. On the first run, Ed took the Bill Speros sponsored car through to tie the record. He then came back to make it official with a 12.32.

   "Big Daddy" Russ Mathews came all the way from Lafayette, Indiana, to get both ends of the G/SA record. Russ took his '60 Buick convertible through at 14.84 seconds with a top speed of 92.11 miles per hour.

   Billy Webb went 154.10 mph to set a new AA/A record with his blown Olds powered "T" roadster, the "Twister." Billy Webb will be one to watch next Sunday at the Carlisle, Arkansas, Regional.

   Two Sports e.t. records were broken. A. Beirne Miles broke the D/SP record with a 13.91 e.t. He is running a '61 245 hp Corvette under the banner of Catacomb's Racing Team of New Orleans.

   The C/SP record was broken by Larry Stuart of Nashville, Tennessee, with a 270 hp Corvette getting an e.t. of 13.66.

   Then came Sunday's big Divisional points run. Richard Lee out of Orlando, Florida, made a single run for the AA/D trophy. Lee took the Crane-cammed blown Chevy dragster through the traps in 9.43 seconds. Next run saw the A/D of Harry Hovis of St. Louis beat out the A/D of Clyde Bridgewater with an 11.39 e.t. Bruce Hale of Memphis took B/D by outlasting opponents Jake Moran of Memphis and Snyder-Albers-Ousley of Champaign, Illinois, who retired earlier with mechanical problems.

   In AA/A, Eddie Edwards of Symsonia, Kentucky, in his blown Chevy powered Bantam roadster shut down Billy Webb's roadster. Then Harrison Jacobs turned a 9.16 to take the AA/C trophy. This is two tenths better than his record.

   Among the gassers it was the A/G of the Matey Bros. of Coal Grove, Ohio, a Chevy powered '48 Austin Coupe, over the Chevy powered '33 Willys of Jimmy Hill of Memphis, in 11.47 seconds. In B/G, Howard Hughes with his Chevy powered '40 Willys coupe beat out the '37 Chevy coupe, "Barbarian" from Benton, Kentucky. In C/G it was Ray Fisher of Pickneyville, Illinois, in the Fisher Automotive '56 Chevy over the C/G of Sonny Wayland of Newport, Arkansas, also in a '56 Chevy. In D/G it was Jerry Crews of Maitland Florida, in the Precision Automotive "Mad Medic" '56 Chevy. D-gassers take heed. Jerry came within one thenth of a second of the D/G record four different times. I predict that on a super traction strip, he'll lower the record to the very low 12's!

   James Wright of Memphis took Little Eliminator with his flathead powered "T" roadster D/A. The Matey Brothers' A/G took Middle while the still undefeated B/A of Marshal Robilio and Gilbert Bugg of Memphis took Junior Eliminator with an 11.70 e.t.

   Harry Hovis of St. Louis beat out Eddie Edwards AA/A for the Competition Eliminator win. Richard Lee of Orlando put it to the Bo-weevil for Top Eliminator honors. Lee took the win with a 9.21 seconds e.t.

   Stock Eliminator of the day was taken by Tom Sparks of Cushing, Oklahoma, in a '63 Plymouth automatic. He put down such stockers as new record holders Taylor and Davis, Chat Hunter's Plymouth, Larry Coleman's Dodge, Tucker and Jones' Dodge, Herb McCandless' A/S Chevy, Ed Martin's AS/A Ford, and Bobby Teuton's A/S Ford.

   There are two cars that are outstanding in the stock division points standing. One is Gene Anderson's "School Bus" from Atlanta, Georgia. This is a 409 powered station wagon that came from Dyno Don's. Watch this break the National C/S record next Sunday at Carlisle. The other is the little L/S Corvair of Reliable Chevrolet from Meridian, Mississippi.

Thanks to Bobby Anderson for supplying this article.

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