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Friday, June 3 1966


Hughes Notches Upset Victory at Lakeland
   MEMPHIS, TENN. [Lakeland Drag Strip] May 21-Tonight's action got under way with Leonard Hughes coming out for a warm-up run. He put his injected, fuel-burning Plymouth through the quarter in 9.71 e.t. at 147.29 mph. He has just recently rebuilt the "Moon Shot" and it was running better than ever. In fact he was running so good he was willing to put his reputation on the line as he went up against the Fairchild Racing Enterprise's blown, hemi-powered Dodge, "The Cyclops."

Round One

  At 8 o'clock, both cars were pulled to the line for the first round of competition. Both cars made a few passes through the rosin and they were ready to go. When the green light came on, Hughes put a hole shot on the blown Dodge and pulled him all the way for an easy win. The "Moon Shot" Plymouth turned a 9.45 e.t. at 152 mph.

 Round Two

   The second round started off with the "Cyclops" showing off his power advantage as he put a hole shot on Leonard's "Moon Shot." But when the "Cyclops" broke a drive shaft, Hughes roared by to make it two straight. The "Moon Shot" turned a 9.15 e.t. at 154.55 mph.

   John Blackstock was here from Champaign, Illinois in his H/SA national class record '63 Chevy. He walked away with a class win and the junior stock money. He had a best time of 14.50 at 91.83 mph.

 "Hostile Hemi"

 ~ A. J. Lancaster was on hand in his "Hostile Hemi" Plymouth. He put down "Mr. 4 Speed." Herb McCandless un his hemi-powered Plymouth, with a 11.12 e.t. at 126.3 mph. This earned him the top stock money.

   The title of Competition Eliminator went to the Buggs and Robilio Chevy powered B/Altered. John P. Robilio battled his way through a strong field of dragsters and altereds. His best time of the night was a 10.95 at 127.04 mph as he nosed out the Nolan and Wilbanks C/Altered.

-Larry Grace



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