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Friday, July 8 1966

Nicholson Shines in Lakeland Match Race


   MEMPHIS, Tenn. [Lakeland Drag Strip] July 2 - Lakeland was the scene of the best of three match race between "Dyno" Don Nicholson in his injected 427 OHC Comet and Roy Gay, driving brother Don's old car, the 1965 GTO "Infinity."

   Don's little brother was running good and doing a great job, but just didn't have what it takes to beat Nicholson.

Don Gay Breaks Transmission

   The match started to roll as the two match racers pulled to the line. Both cars made three passes in the rosin, then staged and waited on the green light. The instant it came on, both cars shot out of the hole and were gone.

Hole Shot

   Dyno Don put a hole shot on young Gay and lengthened it as he covered ground, turning a winning time of 9:15 at 145.71 mph.

  One hour later the two match race cars appeared on the ramp for second round of competition. Again Dyno Don managed to put a hole shot on Gay and extended his lead as he bombed through the quarter-mile. He recorded an 8.98 e.t. at 149.94 mph.

   "Dyno" Don put 17-year-old Roy Gay down two in a row, but still Roy deserves a lot of credit for his fine showmanship and running as close to the veteran as he did.

   The Nolan & Wilbanks C/A was on hand to turn back all competitors and take home the Competition money. The red and black Chevy-powered Willys turned a 11.36, which proved to be too quick for the strong running Buggs & Robilio B/A to catch in the final round of eliminations.

   Street Eliminator went to Herb McCandless in his C/XS, four-speed hemi Dodge. He was running three thenths of a second under his class record which proved to be too much for his closest competitor, Arnold Bonner in his sporty C/MP machine.

   Top Stock money went to A.J. Lancaster in his S/SA Hostile Hemi Plymouth who also makes it a point to run a little under the class record.

Junior Stock

   Junior Stock money went to Evars O/SA Oldsmobile. He had to run the sticks in his class heads up. But after that, the long spots his lower class Olds was drawing proved to be too much for the swifter cars of the upper classes.

   Little brother Roy Gay ran Nicholson July 2 and found himself getting put down two straight so today big brother Don Gay came in to try and right the family name.

   However, "Lady Luck" was not with Don Gay. He ripped out the transmission while burning the rosin for the first round and had to sit on the line and watch Nicholson make a solo.

   Don Gay got right on the ball and traveled to Memphis to get a new transmission for installation. Just as the two cars were pulling onto the ramp, the "rains came" and shelter became the main thought in everyone's mind.

   Competition eliminator was a repeat from the night before with Nolan & Wilbanks in their C/A taking top honors and the Buggs & Robilio B/A getting runner-up.



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