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Friday, August 18 1967

WHBQ Drag Festival

LAKELAND DRAG STRIP, MEMPHIS, Tenn., Aug. 6 - 11,108 fans, the largest crowd ever to witness a drag race in Memphis, Tenn., gathered at Lakeland this Sunday.

A field of 23 top-flight, fuel burning "funny cars" staged round after round of match races as the crowd watched in disbelief.

First place winner was the Holman-Moody SOHC Mustang, owned by Larry Coleman and driven by Detroiter Del Heinelt. The Ford waded through a field that included, the "Melrose Missile," Kelly Chadwick, Gene Snow, "Hemi Hunter," the Competition Plus Mustang of Steve McKesson, the "Scootin Cuda," "Rattlesnake" Austin in a new SOHC Mustang.

The "Hard Luck" award has to go to Kelly Chadwick in his flying Camaro, as the "Professor" made 8 runs in the 8-second bracket, only to lose in the money-runs in both rounds. Cecil Yother had the "Melrose Missile" really charging, put down 8 runs in the eights just like Chadwick and won the runner-up money by beating Kelly by inches.

"Mr. 4 Speed," Herb McCandless, whipped a large field to win S/S Eliminator with a best of 11.24 at 123. The Hull-Dobbs gas dragster entry won Competition Eliminator.  



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