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These are profiles of some of the key people that collectively make up the colorful history of Lakeland International Raceway.  Information is currently being compiled to fill out this section.

  • Ray Godman - Track developer; longtime owner of the Tennessee Bo-Weevil series of racecars.

  • Preston Davis - Long time Tennessee Bo-Weevil T/F and F/C driver.

  • Bill Taylor - Track owner; owner of the Super Duster F/C; founder of TCI Automotive, manufacturer of racing transmissions and torque converters.

  • Larry Reyes - NEW! One of the most accomplished Funny Car drivers of his era; he piloted the locally based Kingfish, Super Cuda, Super Ford and Roland Leong's Hawaiian.

  • Larry Coleman - Track owner; F/C owner; co-founder of Coleman-Taylor Transmissions with Bill Taylor.

Commercial Appeal - August 30, 1967
Memphis representatives in the National Hot Rod Association's national championship drag races at Indianapolis tomorrow through Monday include (from left) Larry Nolan, Coley Armstrong, Leland Stanton, Ojars Smiltnieks, Preston Davis, Lowery Kiihal, Ivars Smiltnieks, Eddie Wilbanks, Jim McCutchen, Gilbert Bugg and his son, Glibert Jr. (kneeling), and Mrs. A.J. Lancaster. Eighteen cars from Memphis have been entered. (Thanks to Mrs. A.J. Lancaster for this photo.)



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