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Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor

Until a proper profile can be assembled on Bill, these great photos may serve to tide you over. 

Bill Taylor (left, owner of Lakeland) listens to another Bill Taylor (right, director of USAC's stock car racing division) as the two discuss preparations for the June 28, 1969 Memphis 200 stock car race. The race, featuring some of the biggest names in auto racing, was held at Lakeland, (now being called Shelby County International Raceway - for a short time at least) amid 100 degree temperatures and endured considerable complaining by the USAC crowd. Seems the USAC stockers began to overheat in the high temps, and minimal water was available.

Bill Taylor campaigned the Kingfish Barracuda with Larry Reyes at the wheel.  The photo at right appeared in the July 15, 1966 issue of Drag News.

Funny what was once considered traveling in style for major league racers.  Most sportsman, these days, have more lavish tow rigs.

Kingfish Barracuda
Bill Taylor at the 1970 Gatornationals. Bill also campaigned the Super Duster Funny Car.  These photos were taken at the 1970 Gatornationals in Florida.  They appeared in the March 6, 1970 issue of National Dragster.  If anyone knew what to do with an injured was Bill.
Super Duster at the 1970 Gatornationals.

Below is a recent photo of Bill (right) and his brother Lee taken by Louis Kimery at the Memphis Motorsports Park during the Hot Rod Powerfest.  Bill is still going strong and he is working hard at his current performance business, BTE.

Bill and Lee Taylor.


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