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2010 Lakeland Dragstrip Reunion at Holly Springs Motorsports

Before you dig into the dozens of photos below, enjoy the sights and sounds contained in this video:


2010_reunion_graphic.jpg (186271 bytes)
The awesome graphic commissioned by the folks at Muscle Car Reunion. 
Herb McCandless Ray Godman 644.jpg (278022 bytes)
We'll start with the Legends of Lakeland. Special thanks to Kevin Cooley for these Legends photos. Here's Herb 'Mr. Four-Speed' McCandless with Ray Godman. Ray build Lakeland Drag Strip so there would be a place where folks could run every weekend. Before Lakeland, they would go to Halls, TN but only a couple times per year.
Terry Hedrick Larry Coleman Pat Collins Bill Taylor.jpg (354672 bytes)
From left there's Terry Hedrick, Larry Coleman, Pat Collins and Bill Taylor. These guys were movers and shakers back in the day running Lakeland, various race cars and businesses simultaneously. Terry ran Funny Cars dubbed Super Shaker. 
Larry Coleman Sid Foster.jpg (336595 bytes)
Here's Larry Coleman with his former Super Ford Driver Sidney Foster. Larry is still involved in day-to-day operation of Coleman-Taylor transmissions.
Larry Reyes 600.jpg (222846 bytes)
Larry Reyes, Funny Car hot shoe who gravitated to Lakeland from the west coast back in the '60s. He went on to national notoriety as driver of Roland Leong's Hawaiian F/C. These days he works with Larry Coleman at Coleman-Taylor.
Pat Collins Roland Leong 487.jpg (224062 bytes)
Speaking of Roland Leong, there he is at the reunion talking with Pat Collins.
Bob Wood Gary Henderson.jpg (326974 bytes)
More area funny car drivers. At left is Wood hanging with Gary Henderson. Bobby fielded Rat-motored floppers and Gary drove the Super Duster.
Jabbo Larry Coleman 621.jpg (339572 bytes)
Here, Jabbo from Holly Springs Motorsports presents Larry Coleman a reunion plaque.
taylor-reyes-faulk.jpg (133949 bytes)
At left is Amy Faulk, a most accomplished area racer who holds NHRA Wallys in Stock, Super Stock and Alcohol dragsters. Bill Taylor is talking with Larry Reyes. That's Larry in the Hawaiian on the Car Craft cover.
bo-weevil1.jpg (137673 bytes)
Preston Davis, former Bo-Weevil driver, sets up.
bo-weevil2.jpg (132628 bytes)
This car was the last in an impressive series of Bo-Weevil fuel cars fielded by Raymond Godman.
bo-weevil3.jpg (132109 bytes)
Preston prepares to fire up the Hemi.
pinto.jpg (103042 bytes)
This cool little 1971 Pinto was one of the first to hit the track Friday.
challenger-rt.jpg (120263 bytes)
A Challenger R/T in it's native habitat.
tedfords_wagon.jpg (127347 bytes)
Bobby Tedford and his buddies were the first car show participants. Bobby had the back of the AMC wagon loaded with Lakeland trophies and memorabilia.
tedfords_racer.jpg (155257 bytes)
Bobby pulled this genuine old race car on a custom trailer built in the early '70s specifically for a street rod.
super_ford1.jpg (141168 bytes)
It's back! Larry Coleman recently reacquired his Super Ford Torino Funny Car at an auction. Restoration is under way including returning a proper cammer engine between the rails. That's none other than Sidney Foster, the Super Ford's pilot back in the day, sanding by the front fender.
super_ford2.jpg (141586 bytes)
There's something extra cool about a vintage flopper because they actually looked like their production counterparts.
super_ford3.jpg (102889 bytes)
It was not by mistake either. These glass bodies were actually molded from a street car. Check out the FoMoCo logo and part number on the 'tail light'.
red_fury.jpg (115681 bytes)
This red Fury with steel wheels really takes you back.
bobby_andersons_55.jpg (133985 bytes)
There's Bobby Anderson having a blast in his '55. He raced many a time at Lakeland and was quite an accomplished transmission builder.
brand-x_camaro_fc.jpg (142866 bytes)
The Brand-X 1970 Camaro Funny Car. A beautiful machine!
brand-x_camaro_fc3.jpg (117665 bytes)
brand-x_camaro_fc2.jpg (135009 bytes)
Brand-X seen with it's stalemate Jungle Jim Camaro.
jungle-jim_camaro_fc1.jpg (159101 bytes)
The Jungle machine.
jungle-jim_camaro_fc2.jpg (140503 bytes)
Dig the Honest Charley logo; a Chattanooga, TN staple since 1948.
jungle-jim_camaro_fc3.jpg (129482 bytes)
Looks fierce!
jungle-jim_camaro_fc4.jpg (125748 bytes)
Revell models; cool sponsor.
jungle-jim_camaro_fc5.jpg (141795 bytes)
Jungle Jim exposed.
red_malibu.jpg (106019 bytes)
Sweet Malibu smokes the hides.
63_thunderbolt.jpg (101674 bytes)
Nostalgia Super Stock had a great variety of cars as evidenced by this '63 Galaxie
56_chevy_red.jpg (131811 bytes)
Can't go back in time without some tri-five Chevys like this '56.
69_chevelle_yellow.jpg (128190 bytes)
1969 Chevelle gets the green light.
67_chevelle_blue.jpg (124605 bytes)
1967 Chevelle launches.
56_chevy_delivery_white.jpg (99412 bytes)
A unique '56 delivery owned by Max Dignowity warms 'em up.
henry-j_yellow.jpg (114397 bytes)
Henry J gasser in the burnout box.
willys_blue.jpg (112674 bytes)
A wicked Willys gasser.
plymouths.jpg (120731 bytes)
A pair of Plymouth Super Stockers.
plymouth_wagon_red.jpg (122465 bytes)
The long roofs were popular for their superior weight transfer.
ford_deluxe_black.jpg (102802 bytes)
This Ford Deluxe makes a great looking race car.
troxel_challenger_fc1.jpg (183231 bytes)
Here's John Troxel's 1971 Challenger Funny Car being wrenched on under Roland Leong's supervision. This F/C used to belong to Della Woods.
38-special.jpg (89735 bytes)
Dubbed 38 Special, this truck has got the look.
gassers1.jpg (135974 bytes)
The Geezer Gasser group put on a great show.
56_chevy_delivery_white2.jpg (125743 bytes)
Hookin' & bookin. Despite the cool weather Friday, the track prep was good for many a hard launch.
vette_red.jpg (122977 bytes)
A vintage 'Vette gets the go light.
nova_wagon.jpg (102770 bytes)
One mean looking two-door Nova wagon.
nss_action1.jpg (146990 bytes)
Thunderbolt vs. Plymouth.
nss_action2.jpg (146170 bytes)
Plymouth wagon vs. Chevelle.
67_gs400_mad-torquer.jpg (101325 bytes)
1967 Buick GS400 dubbed the Mad Torquer.
slingshot.jpg (101691 bytes)
When dragster drivers began sitting behind the rear axle, they were called slingshots.
slingshot2.jpg (91809 bytes)
Front-engine, exposed frame rails and wire wheels up front take you back to another era.
gassers2.jpg (89387 bytes)
The sun is getting low Friday evening but the action continues.
gassers3.jpg (102553 bytes)
The Addington Speed Shop entry from IN.
cacklefest1.jpg (115194 bytes)
What else do you do when you have a track full of wicked race cars and the sun sets? Cacklefest!
cacklefest2.jpg (120893 bytes)
The gassers and Fuel cars were lined up.
cacklefest3.jpg (102014 bytes)
The black Ford Deluxe looked sinister with the red headlights.
cacklefest4.jpg (126364 bytes)
Bo-Weevil gets fired up.
cacklefest5.jpg (108992 bytes)
The Moparius Maximus is great fun to watch make passes. Looks like a handful.
cacklefest6.jpg (111156 bytes)
A moment before the track lights were turned off. Audio from the cacklefest is dubbed into the video above.
cacklefest7.jpg (88724 bytes)
A tribute to Billy Grooms on the back of Get Ready. Unfortunately, Billy was involved in a fatal accident piloting the Super Duster F/C in 1974.
cacklefest8.jpg (109819 bytes)
Preparing the Hemi to make flames.
cacklefest9.jpg (86942 bytes)
Give me fuel, give me fire!
gassers4.jpg (91387 bytes)
Geezer Gasser pits Saturday morning.
gassers5.jpg (133664 bytes)
These cars are as much show as go.
gassers6.jpg (130418 bytes)
Ron Duran's Willys powered by a Super Big Chevy.
gassers7.jpg (129846 bytes)
This Oldsmobile-powered Willys is called Little Booger.
nss_action3.jpg (120788 bytes)
NSS racers gather in the staging lanes.
nss_dodge_blue.jpg (137035 bytes)
That's a sweet pair of blue racers!
gassers8.jpg (115766 bytes)
Here comes the Gasser parade.
67_gs400_mad-torquer2.jpg (133795 bytes)
Jim Netherland representing the tri-shield division in his GS.
steve_wilson_chevelle_blue.jpg (125617 bytes)
Steve Wilson's NSS Chevelle. Steve's a longtime Lakeland Raceway participant with his series of Granny's Garage racers.
joker_nova_fc1.jpg (157016 bytes)
The Joker Nova F/C gets prepped.
nss_action4.jpg (129284 bytes)
The Lady Max Dodge stages along with an AMX and Chevelle.
nss_action5.jpg (122570 bytes)
Old School it is!
nss_action6.jpg (140227 bytes)
The burnout box is a fun place to hang out.
nss_action7.jpg (92477 bytes)
You don't see an AMX every day.
67_gs400_mad-torquer3.jpg (183308 bytes)
It may say GS400 but there's a few more cubes there.
nss_action8.jpg (129294 bytes)
Dave Duell's Drag'n Wag'n.
nss_action9.jpg (158832 bytes)
That thing flat-out launches!
55_chevy_black.jpg (106460 bytes)
Chuck Schnider's wicked '55.
67_camaro_blue.jpg (126830 bytes)
Gorgeous '67 Camaro.
get-ready_mustang_fc.jpg (122377 bytes)
The Get Ready Mustang F/C gets ready.
henderson_leong.jpg (140267 bytes)
Gary Henderson and Roland Leong confer on the start line.
nitroboss_mustang_fc.jpg (121201 bytes)
Roland watching F/C action as the Nitro Boss Mustang rolls up.
brand-x_camaro_fc4.jpg (161869 bytes)
The Brand-X Camaro backing into position.
fc_action.jpg (124361 bytes)
The Brand-X Camaro prepares for its ill-fated pass.
brand-x_camaro_fc5.jpg (434496 bytes)
When it came time to pull the chutes, the levers had moved out of reach due to tire shake. After bouncing off the rusty farm implement in the foreground, the car went into a ditch in the trees.
brand-x_camaro_fc6.jpg (298362 bytes)
Thankfully the car was the only thing wounded and driver Mike Smith walked away.
brand-x_camaro_fc7.jpg (261054 bytes)
Ouch! That sucks!
55_chevy_gray.jpg (117134 bytes)
This '55 brings 'Two-Lane Blacktop' to mind.
Schnieder Troxel FC.jpg (354718 bytes)
You have just got to dig those period-correct Coca-Cola pants!
troxel_challenger_fc2.jpg (119319 bytes)
Chris Schnieder piloting the Troxel Challenger.
hot-rod_lincoln.jpg (108787 bytes)
Son you're gonna drive to to drinkin if you don't stop drivin' that Hot Rod Lincoln!
gassers9.jpg (152281 bytes)
Great color on this one.
repro_lakeland_sign.jpg (71694 bytes)
A faithfully reproduced Lakeland crosswalk sign.
nss_action10.jpg (142139 bytes)
Major Mopar muscle.
get-ready_mustang_fc2.jpg (103790 bytes)
The Get Ready backing into position.
fc_action2.jpg (103811 bytes)
The sun is beginning to set on another full day of action.
buck-naked_nova.jpg (192314 bytes)
TK Thompson's Buck Naked Nova has all the classic elements.
buck-naked_nova2.jpg (161861 bytes)
Painting through lace was very popular.
trophies.jpg (137690 bytes)
Here are some original Lakeland trophies Bobby Tedford brought to share.
trophies2.jpg (128824 bytes)
Showing their age, they are still real cool. 
pit_passes.jpg (111920 bytes)
Bobby even has these mint-condition, unused Lakeland Raceway pit passes.
wmps_jacket.jpg (116278 bytes)
Bobby brought his WMPS Drag Festival Class Winner jacket. It used to be black when it was new and it's seen a lot of use.
gassers10.jpg (121635 bytes)
The Gassers are back at it on Sunday.
anderson_rodgers.jpg (140495 bytes)
Well, this is what the reunion is all about. Bill Rodgers (left) and Bobby Anderson are old friends going way back. Here, Louis Kimery captures the two with their machines.
rodgers_plaque.jpg (114980 bytes)
Bill Rodgers is particularly proud of this plaque he won in 1975 from the Mid-South Drag Racing Association. That year, Lakeland and Jackson combined their points and Bill came out on top in Sportsman.
joker_nova_fc2.jpg (143476 bytes)
The Joker F/C between rounds.
dragn_wagn.jpg (153694 bytes)
This wagon looks tough sitting still.
steve_wilson_chevelle_blue2.jpg (116818 bytes)
Steve Wilson's Chevelle gets good bite on Sunday.
nss_action11.jpg (122066 bytes)
Believe it or not, this car is named Fugly.
jungle-jim_camaro_fc6.jpg (170738 bytes)
The crew jockey the Camaro into position.
gassers11.jpg (106184 bytes)
This Willys truck has got the right stance.
moparius_maximus.jpg (85140 bytes)
Moparious Maximus roars!
superduster_jr.jpg (127315 bytes)
Bill Taylor had this Duster built as a salute to his old Super Duster F/C. It's called Super Duster Jr. of course.
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