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the end.

4/20/2008 - It's been a long time coming but the inevitable is upon us. Heavy equipment has moved in recently to begin preparing the site for it's next life as a residential development. While area drag racing fans were taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the Super Chevy Show at Memphis Motorsports Park today, I paid a visit to the serene remnants of Lakeland Raceway.

Funny thing, if it wasn't for the fact that the crosswalk structure has been partially dismantled, the work that's been done thus far could be misconstrued as a track resurrection. The right side pits have been cleared making the track retaining wall visible again from Monroe Road for the first time in many years. The dozers have also uncovered the concrete foundation of the concession stand near the start line that once fed the hungry fans as well as the area where the DX race gas pumps once fed the hungry four-wheeled beasts.

Lakeland Raceway right-side pits after clearing.


Gas pump area

After clearing the forest that grew over the last 30 years, there's the hill that once hosted a red grandstand, a concession stand and some spectator parking.

Spectator hill


Road course and spectator hill

Looks like they brought the crosswalk structure down by breaking it in the middle and letting gravity do the rest.

Crumbled crosswalk

The old TCI Racing Transmissions & Converters logo survived up until just a few years ago when some idiot kids ran amuck with spray paint. Now it lies in a jumble of broken concrete and twisted rebar.

TCI Racing Transmissions & Converters logo

"Word is, the two-lane quarter-mile run will be repaved.

'Now that main drag strip is going to be the main street for a bunch of houses,' said Lakeland Mayor Scott Carmichael. He expects the new driving speed will be considerably lower than those clocked by the old dragsters." Commercial Appeal, 2/25/08

Now a tired dragstrip, soon to be 'Main Street'.


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