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the end.

1/25/2009 - They call it Lake Forest. "A mixed use development focusing on neighborhood appeal and natural amenities", says the colorful brochure. To many though, it's just more of the same erasing what remains of the "Traction Capitol of the South"; Lakeland International Speedway.

Lake Forest Artist Rendering       Click to enlarge brochure page.

Heavy equipment just shy of the finish line.

Heavy equipment used to dispose of the track.

What was 'The Pits' is now a pit. It's slated to become one of the many manmade lakes in the development.

Manmade lake replaces the pits.

The track is being replaced with a two-lane boulevard containing a landscaped median. This view is looking back from about mid track towards the starting line with Monroe Road off to the left.

The new boulevard.

This is what it looks like from the point where the road course/pit lanes used to bend around and connect to the drag strip behind the start line. That new lake is off to the left surrounded by the orange barrier. Wonder what they're planning to call this road?

New Lake Forest roadway.

The finish line...about to be finished for good.

Lakeland Raceway finish line.


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