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TCI Automotive ad. the left wall.




TCI Automotive, formed in 1968 in Memphis by Bill Taylor. Bill also was an owner of this dragstrip and the Super Duster F/C seen in Two-Lane blacktop. This logo design was used in the 1970's.  TCI Automotive is still going strong.

The Memphis Speed Shop, once located on Getwell in Memphis. Memphis Speed Shop ad.
Racing Head Service ad. Racing Head Service was a premier high performance machine shop.  It has since grown to include the Competition Cams empire.

RHS Returned in 2005! See

Self Service Car Repair on Winchester...self service?
Another notable that I didn't photograph is 56 WHBQ.  The ad, still very visible, represented one of the area's most popular radio stations at the time.
Self Service ad

Ad from National Dragster - March, 15 1974
Click to enlarge - Thanks to Mark Janaky
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