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Steve Wilson has campaigned a parade of cars  in Memphis over the years under the name Granny's Garage. Here are some snapshots he wishes to share of his cars plus some others at Lakeland. Steve continues to enjoy racing Granny's Garage race cars at the Memphis Motorsports Park.

Don Biggers Baracuda Funny Car
Don Biggers' Mr. Plymouth Barracuda Funny Car in the pits.
Don Gay's Infinity III 1968 Firebird
The Don Gay Infinity III 1968 Firebird Funny Car behind the bleachers.
Mike Burkhart's 1969 Camaro Funny Car
Mike Burkhart's' 1969 Camaro flopper.
Steve Wilson with Larry Nolan's roadster.
Steve Wilson with Larry Nolan's beautiful roadster in the pits.
Jack and Lee Harbin's race car.
Jack and Lee Harbin's race car.
Steve Wilson in a 1956 Chevy.
Steve Wilson in a 1956 Chevy.
Bob Gill jumping VWs.
July 23, 1972 -  Bob Gill jumping 130 feet according to  What's amazing is the fact that Steve snapped this shot a fraction of a second before David Rubenstein who's photos of the jump can be seen here.
Jimmy Clemets
Jimmy Clemets purple 1955 Chevy stages during a 56 WHBQ event in 1972.
Steve dubbed this Vega as Granny's Garage #0.
Steve dubbed this Vega as Granny's Garage #0 which he had in 1971 & 1972.
There's Granny!
There's Granny next to Granny's Garage #1 Chevy II.
Chevy II in 1974.
Here's Steve up against a bike. in 1974.
Granny's Garage Chevy II in 1974
Another shot of the Chevy II in 1974.
grannys_garage_1.jpg (77314 bytes)
Making his way down Lakeland's right lane. Steve ran this Chevy from 1973-1975.
1966 Chevy II in 1976
Steve competed in this blue Chevy from 1976-1977.
Granny's Garage Chevy II
Here's a neat shot of Steve from behind the concrete wall. Notice the barbed wire right in front of the camera.
1969 Camaro driven by Sleepy.
1969 Camaro in the burnout box sponsored by the Memphis Speed Shop and driven by Sleepy, Larry Langston.
1966 Nova Granny's Garage.
This rendition of Granny's Garage race car would have been the last to race at Lakeland as Steve drove this car from 1978 to 1981 and the track closed in 1979.
Steve Wilson
There's a man who's proud of his machine.
1966 Nova vs. 1968 Camaro
Lined up against a 1968 Camaro.
James Barnes vs. Steve Wilson
Very cool photo showing the crosswalk and tower. Here Steve is competing against James Barnes.
Steve Wilson vs. Caffey Broadus
Here's Steve up against Caffey Broadus. All eyes were on the start line from the folks inside and out front of the tower as well as on the crosswalk stairs. 
Steve Wilson in the staging lanes.
Here's Steve in the staging lanes opposite a 1963 Chevy. The crosswalk casts a distinctive shadow across the asphalt.
Tim and Steve Wilson
Here's Tim and Steve Wilson sporting matching outfits.


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