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the old days 12.

Larry Langston spent a lot of time racing out at Lakeland Raceway and thankfully he brought his camera along.

1972 Larry Langston's 1695 Chevy II
Larry Langston's 1965 Chevy II taken about 1972. It was equipped with a 350 coupled to a 4-speed transmission and on this day, a racing trophy on the hood.
1974 Larry Langston's 1969 Camaro
Larry Langston's 1969 G/SA 1969 Camaro in 1974.
Larry Langston's G/SA 1969 Camaro.
Another shot of Larry. Note support from local speed equipment purveyors Memphis Speed Shop, Cam Dynamics and TCI.
Jack Mullins 1963 SS/U Catalina wagon.
Jack Mullins Super Stock U stick shift 1963 Pontiac Catalina wagon hailing from West Helena, AR. 
Jack Mullins 1963 SS/U Catalina wagon.
Jack cleaned up for a few years as he was the only one in his class. He controlled the record and index.
Sonny Ray's 1972 SS/KA GTO.
Sonny Ray's 1972 SS/KA Pontiac GTO post coupe in the staging lanes.
Sonny Ray's 1972 SS/KA GTO.
Sonny ran out of Alabama and is the father-in-law of well known racer David Rampy.
Sonny Ray's 1972 SS/KA GTO.
Apparently, Sonny's son raced this car later on and David Rampy then won the Cajun Nationals with it in the early '80s.
Ezra Beachy's Chevy II
Ezra Beachy warming the hides on his Chevy II.
Ezra Beachy launching.
Ezra launches the SS/I Chevy II as seen through the chain link fence.
Ezra Beachy in the pits.
Here's Ezra in the pits where there seems to be a lot of activity.
Chevy II warming them up.
Another Chevy II hits the track. Not sure who this was.
Racing Head Service SS/MA 1969 Camaro convertible.
The Racing Head Service SS/MA 1969 Camaro convertible. The car was built by Herb Candless & driven by Ronnie Charnes. That's Scooter Brothers of RHS standing by the driver door. 
1966 Snoopy Nova
This '66 Nova is currently campaigned by Bob Harrison who's owned it since 1975. I believe at the time this shot was taken, it was owned by Gunner Nance who Bob bought it from.
1964 Plymouth Belvedere.
This red 964 Plymouth Belvedere is unidentified. Good chance this hot rod was propelled by a 426 Max Wedge.
Lee Shepherd Corvette in the staging lanes.
This early Modified Production Corvette was powered by Reher-Morrison Racing Engines and driven by Lee Shepherd.
Lee Shepherd Corvette powered by Reher-Morrison.
Here's Lee's 'Vette in the pits. In the background is a Reher-Morrison powered Ford Maverick.
Lee Shepherd launches at Lakeland.
This was the earliest days for Reher-Morrison then based out of an auto parts store in Mansfield, Texas near Arlington.
Lee Shepherd's Corvette wheels up in front of Lakeland's tower.
The lighting conditions were tough here but you can still get a feel for the action by the wheels-up attitude of Lee's Corvette.
Reher-Morrison Ford Maverick
On the Reher-Morrison history page, David Reher mentions winning the 1974 Winternationals in a Chevy-powered Maverick. This is the same car after Jerry Wilkins purchased it.
Reher-Morrison Maverick driven by Jerry Wilkins.
Warming the hides in the Maverick. 
E.V. Hillard's Corvette Stingray.
This Corvette Stingray was piloted by E.V. Hillard.
E.V. Hillard's Corvette Stingray.
Larry notes that E.V. later painted his Corvette black.
Hassell's Auto Supply sponsored Vega
Bob Voigtmann is the name on the door of this Hassell's Auto Supply Vega from Jackson, TN.
Bob Glidden Pinto
This is the popular and very successful Bob Glidden Pro Stock Pinto racing in C/Gas at Lakeland.
Bob Glidden Pinto
Glidden won three Pro Stock titles in this Pinto. In October 2007 it went across Mecum's auction block looking much the same as it did this day.
Geff Donners' 1968 A/SM Camaro
Geff Donners' 1968 A/SM Camaro.
Sonny Wayland's A/MP 1969 Camaro
This E/MP 1969 Camaro was driven by Sonny Wayland. It was sponsored by the Reynolds Bros. and S&W Race Cars from Newport, AR. Check out that old gooseneck trailer on that Chevy pickup.
1955 Modified Production Nomad
Beautiful 1955 Modified Production Nomad.
Amy Faulk's Chevy wagon
Local racing sensation & NHRA hall of famer Amy Faulk bought this Super Stock wagon from Dwight Southerland.
Amy Faulk performing the burnout ritual.
Amy's wagon had a couple different paint schemes. Either it's a cloudy day here of Amy is looking to win a burnout contest.
Buddy Ingersoll's SS/N Oldsmobile Cutlass
Buddy Ingersoll's SS/N Oldsmobile Cutlass launching in the left lane. Many remember Buddy for his Pro Stock Buick Regal that whipped everyone's tail in the '80s until the turbo V6 combination was outlawed by the NHRA.
Glen Self's six cylinder H/MP 1967 Camaro
The Stormin Six; Glen Self's H/MP 1967 Camaro. Most likely a highly modified, high winding inline 250 CID engine.
Joe Furguson's SS/G 1967 Camaro
Joe Ferguson's SS/G 1967 Camaro called the Peacemaker. Joe was out of Ripley, TN.
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