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Larry Langston captured some of the popular funny cars of the late '60s/early '70s.

King of Kings Sixteen coupon
Larry had Dave Pinta, driver of the Stone, Woods & Cook F/C sign the back of this King of Kings coupon. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the front and back of the coupon.
Clare Sanders Jungle Jim Nova F/C
Here's the Clare Sanders Jungle Jim 1969 Nova F/C in the Lakeland pits.
The Car Shop Camaro F/C driven by Henry Garcia
The Car Shop Inc. Camaro F/C driven by Henry Garcia. This was a unique fastback body. These photos were likely taken at the event chronicled here.
1969 Funny Car Hemi
Yep, it's got a Hemi. 
Checking out the funny car
Another blown Hemi. Check out the GTO behind the funny car.
Checking it out.
Yet another blown Hemi. Dig the Moon Eyes fuel tanks.
Flying Dutchman F/C
The Flying Dutchman Dodge Charger Funny Car on display at the Summer Center.
Larry Christopherson's Nova F/C
Also on display at Summer Center is this Larry Christopherson Nova Funny Car wearing a popular race car paint scheme from the era.
Stone, Woods & Cook Funny Car Mustang
As a precursor to the Coca Cola Cavalcade of Stars, the participants would display at Coleman Taylor Transmissions on Elvis Presley and Brooks. Here's the Stone, Woods & Cook Funny Car Mustang with Dyno Don's Cougar alongside it. Eagle-eyed David Rubenstein noted that the Dyno Don car was driven, at the time, by Frank Oglesby.
Bobby Wood's Funny Car
Bobby Wood operated a funny car out of Birmingham, Alabama. Coleman Taylor Transmissions was a sponsor and perhaps some transmission work was being done here.
Fred Goeske Plymouth Road Runner F/C
The Fred Goeske Plymouth Road Runner F/C.
Jack Chrisman Mustang F/C
Jack Chrisman Mustang F/C.


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