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Whoa!  Prepare for Lakeland overload!  David Rubenstein has been packing away a boatload of photos that he took while attending Lakeland races from 1968 until the end.  You'll notice rather quickly that David is an avid Funny Car fan and he captured the most popular racers of the day.  A big thanks to David for sharing his collection.

David attended the 1977 IHRA Winston National Event that is featured on the WHBQ page so some of his photos also appear there as well.

All photos are thumbnailed.  Click them to enlarge and use your back button to return here.  Enjoy the ride!

Dick Harrell's Camaro - 1968
Dick Harrell's 1968 Camaro F/C.
Dyno Don's Cougar - 1968
Dyno Don's 1968 Cougar F/C.
Hayden Proffitt's AMC Rebel
Hayden Proffitt's Rebel SST F/C.
Stone, Woods and Cook Mustang - 1968
Stone, Woods & Cook 1968 Mustang F/C


Larry Arnold piloting the Super Cuda on the return road.
Larry Arnold pilots the Super Cuda down the return road.
Raymond Beadle's Blue Max Mustang II. Raymond Beadle in the Blue Max, 1977. Raymond Beadle's Blue Max
This was the ill-fated run that destroyed this car.
TV Tommy Ivo - 1977
TV Tommy Ivo heats 'em up in preparation for the match race against the Blue Max.


Foster's King Cobra Mustang.
Foster's King Cobra Mustang F/C.
The Snoopy Camaro Funny Car.
The Snoopy Camaro F/C.
Spivey Williams Mustang
The Spivey Williams Mustang F/C ....
Spivey Williams' Mustang
A newer Spivey Williams Mustang F/C.


Gary Henderson's 'Super Duster' Cuda - Huh?
The Super Duster 'Cuda...Huh?
The Super Duster
The Super Duster.
Gary Henderson Super Duster F/C
July, 1976. Gary Henderson in the Super Duster.


Gary Henderson's Super Duster - July,1976.
Gary Henderson ready to roll.
AMC Funny Gremlin
The AMC Funny Gremlin.
AMC Funny Gremlin does run!
Brutus Mustang F/C
The Brutus Mustang F/C.
Brutus Mustang F/C
The Brutus Mustang F/C.


Preston Davis' Tennessee Bo-Weevil 'Cuda.
Tennessee Bo-Weevil Cuda driven by Preston Davis.
Larry Ladue's Bo-Weevil Satellite
Tennessee Bo-Weevil Satellite driven by Larry LaDue.
Clare Sanders in the Jungle Jim Nova Funny Car - 1968.
Clare Sanders ran the 1968 Jungle Jim Nova.
Olds Toronado Limo that was match raced against a funny car.
This outrageous stretch Oldsmobile Toronado was bracket raced against Clair Sanders in the Jungle Jim Nova F/C.


Norm Day in the Swamp Rat F/C.
Don Garlits' Swamp Rat F/C.
Norm Day in the Swamp Rat F/C.
Norm Day in the Swamp Rat.
Norm Day in the Swamp Rat F/C.
The Swamp Rat getting ready.
Bo Turner Vega Pro Stock
Bo Turner's Pro Stock Vega.


Fred Goeske's Duster.
Fred Goeske readying the Duster.
The Invader Mach 1 Mustang.
The Invader Mach I Mustang F/C.
King Fish 'Cuda - 1968
The King Fish 'Cuda in 1968.
Radici and Wise Vega. F/C
The Radici and Wise Vega F/C.


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