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This is a continuation of David's Lakeland photo collection.  If you missed them, see his other photos on Page 1 and Page 2.

All photos are thumbnailed.  Click them to enlarge and use your back button to return here.  Enjoy the ride!

Stone, Woods & Cooke Pinto F/C
Stone, Woods & Cooke Pinto F/C - Aug., 1971.
Stone, Woods & Cooke Pinto F/C
Stone, Woods & Cooke Pinto F/C - Aug., 1971.
The Super Cuda F/C hauler
The Super Cuda F/C hauler - Aug., 1971.
The Super Stang F/C
The Super Stang F/C  - Aug., 1971.
 The Chicago Kid Mustang F/C
Cliff Brown's Chicago Kid Mustang F/C taken from the crosswalk - Aug., 1971.
Camaro F/C
Camaro F/C taken from the right-side grandstands - Aug., 1971.
Vega F/C
Vega F/C taken from the right-side grandstands - Aug., 1971.
Arkansas Razorback F/C
Arkansas Razorback F/C
CKC Vega F/C
CKC Vega F/C in the staging lanes.
CKC Vega F/C burnout
CKC Vega F/C burnout.
Brutus Mustang F/C
Brutus Mustang F/C.
Great F/C burnout shot
Great F/C burnout shot!. Who is that?
roadster diggers Blue Hell 1967 Camaro
Blue Hell 1967 Camaro
1963 split-window Vette
1963 split-window Vette getting air - Nov., 1976.
1957 Chevy
1957 Chevy. Those guys could be right out of 'Two-Lane Blacktop'.
1965 Chevelle.
1965 Chevelle.
1969 Camaro.
1969 Camaro.
Another early Vette.
GMC Vega.
GMC Vega.
John White's Houston Hustler.
John White's Houston Hustler F/C - Nov., 1976.
Kelly Chadwick's Vega
Kelly Chadwick's Vega in the staging lanes.
1955 Chevy
1955 Chevy sans front bumper. Cool!
Millet-Williams 1967 Camaro
Millet-Williams 1967 Camaro - Nov., 1976.
A new Kawasaki
A new Kawasaki. Love those Bowties in the background.
Super Duster F/C
Super Duster F/C - Nov., 1976
Vega F/C burnout.
Vega F/C burnout.
Top end charge!
Top end charge! - Nov., 1976
Another top end charge!
Another top end charge! - Nov., 1976
yellow digger Blank


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