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the old days 3.

Thanks to Travis Hinkle for providing these photos from his collection.  Travis raced all over the southeast and spent lots of time at Lakeland.

Travis Hinkle racing his '55 Chevy.
There's Travis racing his 360 Hp, 327-powered '55 Chevy on Lakeland's Dodge Day sponsored by Chuck Hutton Co.
Travis Hinkle racing Pat Collins
Travis Hinkle in his new Ramblin' Ram taking on Pat Collins.  Pat was a principal LIR owner from 1962 to 1972.
Pat Collins
Travis says that's Pat Collins running the Dodge on the left.
Jas. Barnes in the left lane.
Jas. Barnes smokin' the left lane.
Chuck Hutton Dodge Day
Chuck Hutton Dodge Day
Chuck Hutton Dodge Day
Chuck Hutton Dodge Day.  Travis caught the flagman in action here.
Jack Terry vs. Elbert Lewis
There's Jack Terry in the left lane taking on Elbert Lewis in the Chevrolet.  Oct. 1962
It's the pits - 10-62
It's the pits.  Oct. 1962
Bill Speros B/A coupe - 10-62
Bill Speros B/A coupe.  Those front wheels must be about 12" in diameter.  Oct. 1962
Start line action - 10-62
Back in 1962 there sure wasn't much to the start line. Just the flagman, some officials and a couple of fire extinguishers. Oct. 1962
A vintage blower motor.
There's a vintage blower motor.  Love the caps on the 'zoomies'.  Oct. 1962
Jack Terry's Hemi Ford coupe
Jack Terry's Hemi-powered Ford coupe.  Oct. 1962
Raymond Godman's Tennessee Bo-Weevil.
Hartsfield brothers' A/Comp dragster. Oct. 1962
Front-engine dragster - Oct. 1962.
Front-engine dragster - Oct. 1962.
Travis' 1953 Studebaker race car.
This is Travis' 1953 Studebaker race car in the pits, October, 1962.  Travis ran a dual-quad, Pontiac 421 with a 4-speed in it.
Howard Hughes Jinx 1961-Chevy powered Willys
Howard Hughes' Jinx Willys- Oct. 1962.  Earlier in the year, Howard won the A/Gas class at the NHRA Southeastern Nationals at Lakeland.  Travis recalls Howard tangling with the trees once situated just past the start line on the right side of the track. Evidently Howard was looking to make a partial warm-up run and the throttle stuck. He went up the hill off the right side of the track and rolled. At the 2010 Memphis Rodder's Reunion Howard had his latest black Willys there and word is he's looking to return to racing in 2011.
Yeller Bandit
Yeller Bandit. Oct. 1962
Glo-Worm - Oct. 1962
Glo-Worm - Oct. 1962
two trees
Technology rolls on.  The flagman was replaced by these two trees.
Travis in the '57.
Travis is in one of those cars.
View from left-side bleachers.
This photo and the preceding one give a feel for what the view was like from the left-side bleachers way back when.
Flathead rod behind tower.
Flathead-powered hot rod behind the tower.
Bruce Hale's Cadillac powered race car and tow vehicle.
Bruce Hale's Cadillac powered race car and tow vehicle.  That's a lot of whitewalls! Bruce operated one of Memphis' first speed shops out of his garage.
1955 Chevy on the return road.
Cool '55 on the return road.
Ebert Lewis coupe on the return road.
Elbert Lewis on the return road.
1933 Willys
Travis' note on the back of this photo states that this was a A/G 1933 Willys record holder from Paducah, Kentucky.  His last name was Sander.
Sander's A/G coupe.
Sander's A/G 1933 Willys launching.
vernon_walker_fiat.jpg (128251 bytes)
Vernon Walker's Chevy powered BB/A Fiat running low 9's in '63/''64.  Car is sponsored by Walker's Radiator Mfg. in Memphis.
Mike Alexander's Mustang.
Mike Alexander racing his 'new' Mustang.
Rayco B/A
The Rayco racing division B/A entry.
Gordon Wynn's B/S GTO
Gordon Wynn's mean looking B/S Pontiac GTO.
robert_moore.jpg (43589 bytes)
Robert Moore's C/G entry.
Cool coupe
A nice coupe in the pits.  Whose is it?
Early small-block Chevy powered dragster.
Small-block Chevy powered digger.  Whose is it?
Raymond Godman's Tennessee Bo-Weevil.
This car belonged to the Hartsfield brothers of Malden, Missouri. Cal Hartsfield is to the the left and Al Hartsfield is the one on the right in the hat.
Raymond Godman's Tennessee Bo-Weevil.
Raymond Godman's Tennessee Bo-Weevil, a mid-south racing staple. This car has now been lovingly restored.
Yellow Bandit
Travis' note on the back of this photo calls this the 'Yellow Bandit'.
Early '60's dragster action.
Early '60's dragster action.
Travis launching his 1955 Chevy.
Travis cutting a light (or flag in this case) in his '55 Chevy.
Bill Taylor's new Hemi racer.
Bill Taylor's new Taylor-Davis
Hemi racer.  That is the original track tower behind the car.

Be sure to catch the rest of Travis' photos on 'the old days 5'.

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