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the old days 6.

Bob Kurneta visited Lakeland Raceway one time in 1971 during a WHBQ Drag Festival. He saved a series of slides all these years and is glad to share them here. Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

Flying Red Baron & Chevy Rebellion in the pits.
Dale Emory's, Flying Red Baron Mach 1 Mustang, pitted on the spectator side by the crosswalk. The Chevy Rebellion is pitted next door.
Nice pit crew member.
Sometimes life in the 'pits' is a good thing. Dale's crew.
Flying Red Baron engine.
A 392 Chrysler was the power plant according to Draglist.
Flying Red Baron's sparklers.
Combination wheelie bars/sparklers.
Chevy Rebellion in the pits.
Richard Hutchins kneeling in the back.
Richard's wife or girlfriend standing under the crosswalk as he makes his last run of the day. He was experiencing brake problems (one wheel only). The look on her face says it all.
Flying Re Baron & Chevy Rebellion get underway.
Down on power, the Chevy Rebellion couldn't get a good launch all day.
Wheels up!
This is about the highest he got. Bob doesn't remember him sparking at all.
Spark shooter!
The Flying Red Baron isn't having any trouble putting on a spark show.
Dual-quad Camaro.
A real nice dual-quad local Camaro.
Camaro vs. Camaro
'67 Camaro vs. '68 Camaro. A popular choice for a race car from the beginning.
Moore Bros. Chevy II
Moore Bros. 'Dark Eyes' Chevy II. Dig that clear hood scoop!
Yet another Camaro getting down to business.
Blank. Blank. Blank.


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