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Jack Martin raced at Lakeland for quite a few years. Lucky for us, he brought his camera along. His scrapbook is full of great photos. Here are some of his Lakeland shots. Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

Jack Martin's Class Winner jacket.
Jack Martin logged plenty of wins at Lakeland. Here is a winner's jacket from the mid '60s  that still fits him after all these years!
Jack Martins 1st trophy.
Here's the first trophy Jack won at Lakeland Dragstrip.
Jack Martins last trophy.
This is Jack's last Lakeland trophy from the then named Shelby County International Raceway.
Lakeland Dragstrip trophy plaque.
Here's a neat trophy plaque from one of Jack's many awards.
1963 points meet Galaxie.
1963 NHRA points meet - An A/S Galaxie sponsored by Hull-Dobbs Ford and AA Battery & Air Conditioning
1963 points meet Impala
1963 NHRA points meet - A 1962 Impala sponsored by Union Chevrolet.
The Mad Medic Chevy
1963 NHRA points meet - The Mad Medic Chevy.
Barbarian B/G
1963 NHRA points meet - Barbarian B/G.
Sanders - Leneave A/G
1963 NHRA points meet - The Sanders-Leneave A/G.
Jack Martin's 1956 Corvette
Jack's 1956 Corvette competing in the trophy run at the 1964 NHRA Divisionals.
Jack Martin's 1956 Corvette
Guess Jack fared pretty well. That trophy on the left looks awfully familiar.
Jack Martin's 1957 Chevy.
Jack's F/S 1957 Chevy. Love the headers!
Carlton Franks - 1941 Willys B/GS
1964 NHRA points meet - Carlton Franks in his B/GS 1940 Willys sponsored by Carlock-Davis Chevrolet. Carlton owns Byhalia Raceway 1/8th mile track.
1964 - the pits
1964 - the pits
Big John Mazmanian.
1966 A/GS meet -Big John Mazmanian.
Big John Mazmanian.
1966 A/GS meet -Big John Mazmanian.
1966_stone_woods_cook.jpg (77138 bytes)
1966 A/GS meet - Stone, Woods, Cook.
Red Willys
1966 A/GS meet - K.S. Pitman's Willys entry.
Dixie Dodge
1966 A/GS meet - Dixie Dodge S/SA altered wheelbase.
Jack Martin's 1957 Chevy.
1966 - Jack's H/S '57 in the pits.
Jack Martin's 1957 Chevy.
1968 - Jack's H/S '57 in the pits.
1969_mid_south_championships_staging.jpg (80400 bytes)
1969 - A neat shot from the crosswalk of the Nolan-Wilbanks roadster and a new funny car.
The Skateball Special
1969 - The Skateball Special '57 wagon sponsored by Memphis Speed Shop. The wild paint was applied by Floyd Dukes.
Power Failure
1969 - Jack's I/S '57 called Power Failure.
Power Failure '57
1969 - Power Failure.
Power Failure '57
1969 - Power Failure.

1969 - Jack's timeslip, front & back. The Coleman & Taylor Racing Transmissions was a precursor to TCI Automotive.
Jack Martin's certification card

Jack Martin's certification card
1969 - Jack's certification card, front & back.


1969 Mid-South Championships ad & entry blank in National Dragster.
Click to enlarge - Thanks to Jack Martin

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