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the start line.



Approaching the left lane from the pits.

the start line
The main crosswalk structure looms proudly over the start line.  Gone are the stairwells, walkway and signage.  The track just doesn't want to give up that rubber though!
the tower.




The concrete foundation of the long-gone timing tower.  The clearing seen beyond the tree line is where the '55 Chevy pitted in two-lane blacktop.

the tower
staging lanes These are the staging lanes as they wrap around from the right side of the track, up the hill to the start line. These lanes also comprised a portion of the road course.


THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL     March 13, 1971

Two of the fastest cars on the current drag racing circuit will clash tomorrow afternoon at Lakeland International Raceway. The team of Ronnie Sox and Bobby Martin will battle Don Nicholson's nationally known dragster in a best of five showdown. More than 10,000 watched Lakeland International Raceway's season opener two weeks ago when Gene Snow hit 213 miles per hour on the quarter-mile track.



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