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56 WHBQ Radio

when "Q" calls, the now generation turns on/when "Q" calls, the now generation tunes in

This section is dedicated to 56 WHBQ Radio in Memphis.  This station and the staff members were big supporters of Lakeland International Raceway through the years.  WHBQ is still on the air today as a sports station and is Memphis' local affiliate of MRN radio.  Special thanks to Alex Ward for making this entire section possible!


WHBQ Drag Festival -1966  1978 WHBQ Drag Festival  WHBQ Drag Festival - 1967

Many who lived in the Memphis area when the track was operational will no doubt remember this Lakeland jingle that was played on WHBQ.  Download the jingle and check it out, it's a hoot!

Drawing a large crowd to an event is often contingent on good advertising.  WHBQ were masters of creating exciting radio spots for Lakeland International Raceway.  Listen to this spot for an early '70s Funny Car event, belted out by George Klein aka the 'Jeaker on your Speaker' and John Froland.

Bob Kurneta has provided some neat shots from the 1971 WHBQ Drag Festival. See them here.

1977 IHRA Winston National Event

Alex Ward graciously provided a stack of color photos taken during the 1977 IHRA Winston National event.  Before jumping right into all of these excellent shots, download the original, highly descriptive radio commercial for this event!  It'll make viewing the pictures a lot more fun, trust me.



I have broken the event photos into five segments to keep the page sizes reasonable and make this easy to navigate.  The Festivities and the Van race feature none other than Rick Dees who is still going strong with some 30 million listeners today.  You'll see some familiar names on the Funny Cars page and then there's the venerable Bill 'Maverick' Golden with the Little Red Express.  Check it out!

Beauty contestants ride on the Little Red Wagon. The Festivities. The Van Race. The Van Race.
IHRA Sportsman Action! Sportsman Action. Nitro Funny Cars. TV Tommy Ivo's Funny Car.
Wheelies Wheelies. Wipe Out!  commercial_appeal_1977



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